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Live chat today

I'll be over at The Zone Groups @ 4pm est for a live chat.

Come on over and register (if you haven't already), grab a cup of joe and we'll kibitz.

The Zone Groups, a blend of several graphics arts groups, is a community where copyright awareness is a united effort.  A union that teaches both artists and hobbyists the importance and relevance of copyright issues.

With a constantly updated list of artists, and their current terms of usage, The Zone Groups is the foremost site for graphics arts hobbyists to come and check on changes in copyright and usage information.  The staff at The Zone Groups is very thorough, searching the internet for these changes.  Sharing this information with members and non-members alike, The Zone Groups is very conscientious of copyright, and what that means to both artists and hobbyists.
It is The Zone Groups' mission to make sure that artists get the credit that they so richly deserve, and to make sure that hobbyists use that credit in their own creations.
Along with a download section, and links to hundreds of copyright-aware tutorials, The Zone Groups is a forum for both artists and graphics arts hobbyists to share the latest updates, announcements, and information of copyright issues.
Although focused on Paint Shop Pro, The Zone Groups has members from around the world that use all types of graphics programs.  A section of the forum is devoted to assisting newcomers to every type of program, and friendly members give advice and encouragement to all!
Led by Conny Meester and her staff, The Zone Groups keeps all up-to-date on the latest happenings in the graphics arts community. Staff members from each of the licensing companies are on-site members of The Zone Groups, and are happy to answer any questions that arise.  In addition, the staff of The Zone Groups keeps very thorough records on the latest information on artists, and changes to each artist's terms of usage.
Since its founding, The Zone Groups has led the way in the graphics artists community - sharing information, allowing feedback between artists andhobbyists, and providing a safe and comfortable place for all to share their talents.