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Silly Sexy Cheesetastic Horror flix

In keeping with the Halloween theme, I've made a list of just a few of my favorite

atypical horror movies. I've avoided the usual ones like Dawn of the Dead, Last House 

On The Left, Return of the Living Dead, etc. Since there is high fromage content they are

best watched with a glass of wine. Lower your expectations, place your tongue firmly

in cheek and enjoy.



Halloween Nudie Cutie

In honor of the coming holiday I am watching Kiss Me Quick.

A yummy little nudie cutie from 1964.

Starring such characters as Barebra, Boobra, and Hotty Totty.


Perhaps one of the greatest composers of our time

If you haven't heard any of Edd Kalehoff's compositions, you've never watched tv.

Among his 1000 pieces, his work includes The Price Is Right, Card Sharks, Match Game,

Double Dare and numerous news and sports programs.

Even Schaefer Beer benefitted from his magical moog.


Win a signed print and help a charity

Win a 16x20 canvas giclee. Professionally printed with museum quality inks on Fredrix canvas and UV sealed.
I'll even sign it with a personal message to the winner!
All proceeds will go to HorseNet Horse Rescue.

Purchase lottery here

Lottery winner will be drawn on Saturday November 6th @ noon EST.

For every dollar your name will be entered . The more $ donated the better your chances and the more Horsie help.


Munkiana Devil Rays


As part of the Best Environmental photos of 2010

Winner Florian Schulz's "Flight of the Rays"

personally, I think it should be titled "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

even more amazing photos are at National Geographic


Oct 4th

Since it's 10/4 I hereby name today



Thanks to my good buddy James Beaver

at Illmosis for turning me on to an even better version

of Convoy...




Robert Hernandez

Looks like I need to find a way to Madrid Spain.

I MUST get a tattoo from Robert Hernandez.

It is imperitive.



Ghana Movie Posters

In the 80's hand painted flour sack posters advertised films for traveling movie shows.

A winning combo of folk art and exploitation imagery usually having very little to do

with the actual flick.

pilfered from...

Bongout and Acidcow




George Petty girls

Although Alberto Vargas is usually the first person you think of when you mention pinup artist,

George Petty was (to me at least) the alpha. In fact he literally was the artist at Esquire before Vargas.

His figures verge on deco, they have form and weight, strong silhouettes and most of all

are cute as all heck.



Katsuya Terada

Tap tap

Is this thing on?

This year has been pretty rough (long story), I'm just coming back up to speed. Thus the lack of posts.

As a way to get back into this interwebs thing I'll be posting artists that have been an inspiration to me.

Top of the list is Japanese manga and anime design artist Katsuya Terada. Twisted pinups, monsters,

and weapons. All the stuff that speaks to the otaku in all of us. I especially appreciate that

his work feels so organic especially since the coloring is done using Painter.


Harvesting of the Jovi

Limited Edition canvas print for Parlor Gallery's
 July 3rd "Made out of Beautiful" show.



Ben Newman is one of the reasons I've started to not rely quite so much on the black outlines.

The amount of storytelling and detail in each piece is just incredible.

Plus it's sexy as all hell.

Blog and tons more of sickeningly fantastic artwork here


A peek into my brain

Goldfrapp has mananged to create the an exact replica

of my essence.

Pure perfection.


Erotic Fandom

Blue Blood has gone live with Erotic Fandom. If you dig goth-industrial punk and science fiction fantasy horror and you wouldn't be here if you didn't, check it out. Blue Blood has been a part of our family for almost 15 years now. EEP!

Nifty lil' article at AVN and the site here...


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